Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The puppy principle, part two

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, this happened. (Or rather, is going to happen.)

Her name is Kyra and she is four months old. She's a retriever/hound mix and currently lives in Tennessee and was picked up by a rescue organization called Angels Among Us.

Those of you who have been with me for a while know that Corb and I have been looking for a dog for a while. It's always been a dream of Theo's, and while Corb initially had some concerns, we both realized that it's what we want, too. And we both knew that we wanted a rescue animal, too. That way we can save a life and bring a little love into Green Victoria at the same time.

According to the woman that is taking care of her in Tennessee, she lived around the Memphis area, in an area that's not so good. Her mother was owned by an elderly lady and got out one night, and apparently "connected" with the neighbor's dog. She had a litter of four, and some people being what they are down South, two of the four puppies were killed by a couple of teenagers for fun. The old lady freaked out and hid the other two puppies in her bedroom. When the mother was done nursing, the old lady bottle fed the pups. They were treated well, but eventually the old lady realized she wasn't going to be able to care for them and called for help.

We've gone through all of the interviews and home inspection, and Kyra is now being transported to Massachusetts this week-end. After a few days in quarantine (Massachusetts law), we will get to meet her, probably around next Tuesday. So, more to come, and we are pretty excited!

Looking to save a life and bring some love into your house? There are tons of good animal rescue organizations out there. We know several excellent ones that we checked out during our process, including another local organization called Big Fluffy Dogs, which many of my friends highly recommend. There was only one we checked out that didn't really work for us (the people just seemed kind of indifferent and the place was only open on Monday afternoons...and they weren't flexible about it at all. Plus I read a horrible review after going to visit them one afternoon.) But on the whole, the people working at these places are incredibly dedicated and the work they do is so worthwhile.

So, we're getting a new addition to our house! Now you all get to hear stories about our puppy. I bet you just can't wait... (snicker)

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