Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coming soon.


Well, the day is almost here.

With the cover art complete, I've spent the past few weeks working on finalizing the layout. I now have a print version and a Kindle version almost set to share with the world. It's not been easy! Although I find that I really do like the mundane problems that come with formatting. For example, I actually typed the entire version in Courier New, and when I stripped that out to create a clean unformatted version to start working from, I ended up with a ton of reverse quotes at the end of dialogue. Very annoying.

Still, that's almost past me. Above you'll see a peak of what the final cover looks like. The logo only...and thanks to everyone who helped to weigh in on which one they liked best!

I promise to give everyone a full view of the cover art, a description of the story, and a place to actually buy a copy very, very soon. Just a few more days and another goal of mine will be complete! This is a terrific feeling..

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