Friday, December 27, 2013

A bridge in Venice.


Okay, so the move's almost all done, Christmas is all over...but there was one other thing I meant to mention...what was it, again?

Oh! Oh yeah, that's right. Now I remember. That last item on my "to do" list for 2013.

Every Christmas, after we've gone over Josie's, Corb and I have our own tradition. Before we head off to visit his family, we take an hour to make glorious love exchange our own presents, just the two of us.

I've known what I was going to do for quite some time. First, I allowed him the honor of giving me my presents first. Then, I handed him the "boring" presents--the first two seasons of American Horror Story. And then, feigning forgetfulness, I said, "Oh! There was one more thing I forgot to wrap..."

I went to the secret closet (yes, we have a secret closet) and brought out a framed photo I had purchased at TJ Maxx Home Goods, of a bridge in Venice, and presented it to him. And then I said, "Oh, look...there's some writing on the back..."


And then I got down on my knees and I said, "Corb, remember when we were going through our rough spot five years ago, and I said that if we managed to get through that, and you were able to turn things around, then we should get married?"

He nodded. Of course he remembered.

"Well, we've gotten through it," I said. "Will you marry me?"

So, we are engaged! Now, I do need to get him a better ring...the only I handed him was only temporary, because I want him to pick out that for himself. (Me, I really don't like rings...I hate the feel of metal against my skin and avoid it at all costs...but I will pick out a simple one, too.) But, we did it! And only about six months shy of our ten year anniversary.

More to come, but 2013 was clearly a pretty special year for the two of us. We've moved into a much more secure place this year...and we've done it together. ENGAGED! Who woulda thunk?

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